Bier Haus 200


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Bier Haus 200

Bier Haus 200 is a popular WMS title.

WMS Blade S23

Highlighting the Blade™ s23, a hybrid slant cabinet designed with players in mind, aimed at captivating and engaging them. With its dual high-definition 23-inch displays, top-notch digital audio, and exceptional comfort and ergonomics, the s23 offers an unparalleled slot machine experience. What’s more, the s23 boasts an advanced lighting system that incorporates game-driven, direct, and ambient lighting effects. During idle moments and attract mode, the s23 treats players to a mesmerizing synchronized light show that sweeps across the bank, creating a stunning networked display.

Equipped with the powerful CPU-NXT®3 processor, the s23 delivers superior graphics capabilities and rapid boot times. Its dual high-definition 23-inch displays feature swift refresh rates for an immersive visual experience. The s23 ensures optimal comfort and convenience with its ergonomic design and ample storage space. Moreover, its high-quality digital audio further enhances the gaming atmosphere. The s23’s overall appearance is striking, showcasing a distinctive curved profile top that adds to its allure. Combined with its advanced lighting package, which includes an enticing attract sequence and both direct and ambient effects tailored to each game, the Blade™ s23 truly stands out among its peers.


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