Star Spangled Riches


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Star Spangled Riches

The Star Spangled Riches is a popular title in the IT Infinity U23 cabinet. This is one of the newest models of cabinet styles we sell.  Check out our other Infinity U23 themes. If you are interested in the latest word in technology, the Infinity U23 from Incredible Technology provides a robust selection of game themes.  Furthermore, the sleek design makes a great addition to your home game room floor.

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Features  Intelligent Bank Lighting with Infinity™ LED technology for maximum attract-mode and in-game multi-color, synchronized and sequenced, lighting displays. The revolutionary cabinet has a sleek profile with ergonomic design for maximum player comfort and branded look. Moreover, the cabinet features a premium three-point sound package. It has a powerful hardware system with simplified software licensing using a single CFAST card. Furthermore, the U23 has a 15.1” video control panel with multi-touch capability includes physical “play” and “service” buttons. It also has dual 23” 1080p HD displays with increased frame rate and combined display capability. Furthermore, easily accessible components, peripherals, and service areas.


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