Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical power requirements for a slot machine?

Most of our machines do not require any type of special power source; in fact, you can simply plug the machine into one of your standard household electrical outlets (110V-120VAC). However, we do recommend that you use a surge protector to protect the electronic components.

How can I change the payout percentage on my game?

Each of the machines we ship come with an eprom, normally 92%-95% payout for home entertainment. We can also offer eproms with payout percentages of between 75%-98% for most casino games. Feel free to contact us with any questions on a particular machine.

If my slot machine requires service, do I need to ship it back?

Most likely no. Simply contact us and we can walk you through the servicing of your machine over the phone. You can also access our Videos section, for how-to videos which will help you with getting your machine back in action! In the event that you do need more serious service for your machine, we are able to offer repair services.

What does coinless mean?

As the times change in the slot machine industry and in the casino business, you have probably noticed by now that almost every slot machine in the casino does not take coins. There is a reason for that. Coin machines typically will have more mechanical problems than a coinless machine. The machines play the exact same; however the only difference is instead of hundreds of coins dropping through the hopper, the machine will print out a ticket of your winnings. It is so much faster and easier and it helps keep the slot machine technicians off the floor. The reason that we charge to install coin gear now is because the machines come to us coinless meaning that they do not have the coin handling components inside of them, so we have to go purchase it. 

I just received my machine and I’m having an issue!!!

 Some companies won’t be as honest as we are. We have been in business for a long time and there is nothing worse than a customer receiving their slot machine and it having a problem. We test all of our machines before they leave here, through their journey across the country as they make their way to their final destination they are moved around a lot and its possible that a wire could come loose, a board comes loose, or another issue. Rest assured we will take care of you. We wouldn’t be in business if we sent out product that was bad because our business has been built on repeat customers and referrals. If you have any questions when you receive your machine and are unsure of what to do feel free to call us or to check out our videos section on what to do when you get your machine.

You can find a lot of the answers to your questions in our Videos section.

Also when we send the tracking information make sure to watch the video that is attached.