Ohio River Slots stands behind the products we sell. All slot machines sold through our website for home use, include a three-month limited warranty. Details of the slot machine warranty are outlined below.

Warranty information

Ohio River Slots stands behind the products we sell. All slot machines sold through our website for home use include a limited warranty. Details of the warranty are outlined below.

All brands of slot machines come with a three-month warranty on parts. Please see below for exclusions to the limited warranty.

If you have a part that goes bad or needs to be replaced within that warranty time frame, then you are covered! If you have problems after the warranty ends, please contact us. We don’t want you to purchase a part that is not required to fix your casino gaming machine. We aim to make sure you get the correct part the first time. Most slot machine components can be easily changed out with our technical help. However, any warranty offered by Slot Machines Unlimited will become void if repairs are attempted without consulting our technical experts prior to attempting a repair or component replacement. It is imperative to use our 20+ years of technical experience.

Ohio River Slots also offers technical support for each machine that we sell. Technical support is available to all of our customers via telephone or email. Our technical support phone hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00-5:00 pm. You will be responsible for the installation of parts. Our techs may be available to talk/Facetime to assist virtually during installation subject to availability. Our warranties are non-transferable.

Limited Warranty Excludes the Following:

  • Light Bulbs
  • Fuses
  • Starters
  • Breakage of Glass or Monitor, aside from during initial shipping
  • Intentional Abuse or Misuse of Any Game
  • Damage Caused by Faulty Electrical Circuits or Electrical Surges or Lightening
  • Not Following Proper Start-Up Guidance Included with Each Slot Machine Sold
  • Physical Damage or Abuse to Controls, Monitors, Game Buttons or Any Component
  • Damage Caused by Operating the Slot Machine in Extreme Heat (Greater Than 90 degrees) and/or Extreme Cold (Less Than 60 degrees)
  • Damage Caused by Water, Excess Humidity or Any Liquid
  • Damage Caused by Moving, Tipping Over or Dropping Any Slot Machine
  • Damage Caused by Unauthorized Repair or Adding of Any Component
  • Damage Caused by Acts of God Including But Not Limited to: Flooding, Tornados, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Thunder & Lightning, Dust Storms
  • Damage Caused by Attempting to Change, Upgrade or Alter Any Slot Machine
  • Maintenance and/or Cleaning of Any Slot Machine
  • Dotmation Screen Replacements on Williams Slot Machines After Six Months
  • Stuck or Jammed Coin Mechanisms or Bill Validators Caused by Misuse
  • On-Site Labor or Travel Expenses Related to Warranty Coverage
  • Any Change or Alteration to the Physical Appearance of the Slot Machine Including Damage or Changes to the Cabinet
  • Non-Home Commercial/Public Use is Excluded from this Limited Warranty

No other warranties expressed or implied, verbal or otherwise or representations from Ohio River Slots, its representatives, agents or affiliates constitute a modification to our Limited Warranty unless agreed upon in writing.
Game and/or game parts found to be defective must be shipped or brought back to our shop at the customer’s expense for any warranty work to be performed.  If you receive your machine and experience an issue you have 30 days from receiving the machine to contact us. By doing so within the time frame, you will not incur any shipping charges on parts sent back and forth. All warranty work is performed at our expense (both parts and in-house labor). The customer is responsible for all shipping of the game or game parts, and the setup and/or reinstallation of game or parts after warranty work is finished. We cannot be held responsible for damage to the game due to improper installation and/or use. Warranty is not transferable.

While some of our customers enjoy repairing their games themselves, it is not really a good idea if you are not very certain about what you are doing. Any work not done by Ohio River Slots or its agents will not be covered under this warranty and will automatically void your warranty, unless you contact us first to discuss the repair you wish to undertake, and receive our approval in writing.

Additional warranty information

  • Any warranty work must be done by our slot techs or with our permission.
  • We have a separate technical support line that we only give out to our customers. You will receive this once you have purchased a used slot machine from us.
– Machines that are setup coinless. Meaning they will take bills and print out a ticket like in the casino and will not come with coin trays. In fact, many of the machines we receive now do not come with trays.

After 30 days of the initial purchase, the buyer is responsible for shipping the parts back to us and the return shipping. 


UNDER ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES IF THE CUSTOMER DECIDES TO RETURN AN ITEM THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR A 25% RESTOCKING FEE PLUS THE COST OF THE SHIPPING FOR THE ORIGINAL SHIPMENT AND THE RETURN SHIPPING. If the purchaser refuses shipment they’re responsible for the original shipping and the return shipping. A 25% restocking fee will be added on as well.